My Food Philosophy/About Me

About Me

My name is Julia.  I am a senior in high school who has dreams of one day becoming a dietitian.

Oftentimes, people find health later in life or sometime not ever at all.  Rarely do you find high school students who care about their health or what they eat.

Like many other teenagers, I have struggled my whole life with appearance, health, and finding balance. Finally, after 17 years and a little soul searching, I have learned to appreciate food food and myself.  I believe that food is is the answer to well being and happiness.

If you are willing to read, then I am willing to share how I found my health.

My Food Philosophy


Food should be enjoyed, celebrated and savored.

Your body will tell you when it’s hungry and when it’s full, so listen to it.

Eating a cruelty free diet will not only better you, but it will better the environment as well.

Eat what you love, eat what you crave, eat it in moderation.

Feeling good, looking good and eating well all go hand in hand.

Nutritional balance is the key to happiness.


§ 4 Responses to My Food Philosophy/About Me

  • Gia Spinelli says:

    Julia! i am so proud that you made this because it is absolutely amazing!!!!!!! i was wondering, have you ever tried from BTE the goraw “cookies” they are green and they are little discs made with organic banana, organic coconut, organic sesame seeds, organic date, and organic spirulina! they are amazingg!!!!! i have some if you’d like to try:) they are awesome:) love you<3

  • Stephen Colantonio says:

    hey julz, lovin the site so far, i intend on making some of these this weekend cause il have time haha. just wondering if maybe you could post your moms recipe for the home mad ice cream? you rave about it all the time and now im dying to have it (especially after seeing the pic! YUM!) let me know

  • juleats says:

    Do you have an ice cream maker Doll?

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